Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Room 101

The cheek... is it not I that replies moments after your sporadic and delay-laden posts? Is it not you that flouts the firm established rules of the blog by champing on herby grub instead of reply-eeing?

Having mentioned Room 101 in the title, I should point out that yesterday I taught a class to my second year students, and asked them to tell me what was in their Room 101. Although they failed to grasp the psychological nuances of this, and instead just thought of something that scared them a tad, there were some interesting examples, and I quote:

"Big monster is eating of the earth!! Someday, a blank planet!!"

"All sorts of gun, you choss only one, shoot with a revolver in recorded mark. Head is 100 points, heart is 30 points, a part of importance is 50 points. Fire!"

"I opened the door, and I go to in room. And then another me is looking at me."

"I'm afraid of many things.... likes cockroaches, ghost, get bad results, and failure in love and death. But my biggest fear is lonely."

"A transport accident to kill I."

"I fear drowning. I have ever had this experience when I am a small child. Yes."

"A killer in earnest takes one's life."

Ahh, they're a good bunch of kids, and I'll miss seeing them when leave at the end of this month...

Today is the graduation ceremony, and we teachers all wear black suits, white shirts and white ties, and listen to speeches and watch awards being handed out to the now-departing 3rd year students. Cue a river of tears from both students and their mothers, the former trying vainly to hide behind their hands and stop their shoulders from shaking, the latter dabbing with handkerchiefs and reapplying their make up with too much ease.

Oh yeah, and as from yesterday I know have a 100mb/sec fibre optic internet connection! I'm still Noble House, by God!


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