Friday, January 20, 2006

The square root of 8649

It would be easy to chortle at Jonny Alpha's new career path, what with the mincey connotations that go with it, but I suppose the fact that his ma owns a hairdressers makes it natural choice. Time will tell if he decides to adopt a ridiculous barnet and shave his eyebrows... and call himself something like Jonique de Alphette.

Well, Jon and myself managed to beat the lightsaber game, but not before going through evil Annakin, Palpatine and a newly created Darth Vader. Great fun and one of the triforce that make up the holy trinity of popular house games in Kurume (the other two - electric darts at Ben's house, which shouts "NIP!" and "FUCK!" if you do a bad shot, and super cup electronic football at my place, a game that saw many a worthy battle in the 1980s).

Well, your birthday present is sat in my apartment waiting... as soon as you email me your new address I can send it to you...

Tomorrow will see ten more games of bowling between this guy and me... we have a rivalry going, and at present it's one 200 game apiece for the year (21-14 to me overall) and he has 18.5 games to my 11.5... we played last night, and whilst he got a solid 9 in the last frame to make 200, I fluffed my shot and only got 3, which gave me the annoying score of 196... we take things pretty seriously as you can well imagine...

By the way... I was most pleased to discover last night that my apartment is hikari fiber compatible, which means I can have a 100 mb/s cable internet connection for less than 25 nicker a month... now that I've rubbed that in your face, please extend the gesture to Hanks and Jonny (but be careful of his snippy scissors..)

Thursday, January 19, 2006


Ha! blue shirt! Purple tie! Whatever happened to thy dichtomy on milatary tweed and sideways orange flares with pockets in the knees!

As to the Star Wars Lightsaber battle and wallowing, i think you will find that all the wallowing is to be done by yourself as not only do we already have it in the UK, we already have full on nights of lightsaber war, but it takes a back seat to fighting with bokken, shooting each other with the electrimpulse rays (do you have those in Nippon? Like te guns in starship troopers? You shoot your mate and it gives them an electric shock!) and forays into the back woods to bivouac and build big fires around which mighty brew is consumed.

Anyhooze, it's still a wicked game. Can't even remember what this rant was about, so I'll leave you for the time being with this thought.

Johnny Alpha is now a hairdresser.


Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Alas, I fail to see how a dark blue shirt and a purple tie can be construed as unfashionable or Woodian. In fact, it is very much of the season.

By the way, I am internetless... this post is kindly allowed by permission of Jon, who is currently wailing on a very cool tv game, which I will make known unto you once my connection is back on.

Incidentally, please attack hanks... with everything and anything you have.

----------------------- 3 days pass by ----------------------------------------

Ok, I am back at work, although there is no work to be done and no need for me to be here except to slake the very boring thirst of a bureaucratic bunch of bastards... anyway, this means that I can access the net, and I can tell you about the tv game I alluded to earlier in the week. Here it is...

Star Wars Lightsaber Battle!

Yes, you have a lightsaber, and you must fight on screen opponents, who come from the 3 prequels (dooku, darth maul et al). It is NAILS in every sense, and by popular vote here in Kurume it would have been the best childhood present ever, had we received it as children. Following are some photos of the said game (not the best quality but good enough to give you a flavour of the sweet, sweet delights).

Chand performs a basic but visually impressive downward slash...

Jon desperately tries to block the relentless Annakin Skywalker...

Susan narrowly misses Darth Maul with a roundhouse slash that would have felled a elephant...

This is in every sense the greatest "bloke" game we in Kurume have ever come across, in terms of instant gratification and pretending to be a kid again. It's not available in the UK to the best of my knowledge, in which case both you and Hanks can wallow in the shadow of my very wide and entirely justified smug grin...